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Membeli Surat Pajak dan Emas Terpakai

Saya memahami tidak ramai yang memiliki sejumlah wang untuk terus menjadi agen emas ai Love Gold . Oleh yang sedemikian jadilah sub agen dengan group ai Love Gold dengan mendapat potongan RM bagi setiap gram emas yang dibeli dan mendapat RM bagi setiap gram yang dibeli oleh pihak lain dari nilai semasa belian emas. call/ sms segera.

Harga jualan lebih rendah dari harga pasaran bagi rantai tangan dan rantai leher emas 999 24k, gold bar GCP (999), pam suisse (999.9) dan 1 dinar 999.9 24k begitu juga belian semula lebih tinggi dari harga pasaran.

Gold Egg

Goshhh... Im always dream to have a goose that can lay gold egg everyday. Just if it is real fuhh no need for me to do what im doing everyday again and again exactly the same rutine. Got up very early in the morning and get back home after the sun already set....
But this is not the life that Allah want us to do right??? We've been in this world not for that 'relax matters'. We are send here just to prepare for the life isnt it?
Get marry, have children, go to work, have a lot of friends, gain as much as knowledge as we can, eat, drink.
To prepare for the next life heh?! It is not that really easy as a say. 1st you do have to survive in this mean world. You dont have money you will not survive, but if you have knowledge? Use it wisely than you will see the impact. Knowledge is very important, but money also as same as a must to live in this world. But what kind of money that you need? FIAT money??? Nope... this is incorrect. FIAT money is only a piece of papers that been say can been used as transaction with goods or service. But is it real money??
When i was a kid RM 1 is just enough to buy a lot of things such as bus fee (2 ways school n home), a cup of drink, food plus junk food hehe. But what is the value of RM1 at current time/ today???
Just as a comparation for 1 Dinar by the time of Prophet Muhammad SAW can buy a sheep- so today 1 Dinar (4.25gm/ RM500++) also can buy a sheep!!!! It is not even change a little guys!!


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