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Membeli Surat Pajak dan Emas Terpakai

Saya memahami tidak ramai yang memiliki sejumlah wang untuk terus menjadi agen emas ai Love Gold . Oleh yang sedemikian jadilah sub agen dengan group ai Love Gold dengan mendapat potongan RM bagi setiap gram emas yang dibeli dan mendapat RM bagi setiap gram yang dibeli oleh pihak lain dari nilai semasa belian emas. call/ sms segera.

Harga jualan lebih rendah dari harga pasaran bagi rantai tangan dan rantai leher emas 999 24k, gold bar GCP (999), pam suisse (999.9) dan 1 dinar 999.9 24k begitu juga belian semula lebih tinggi dari harga pasaran.

Building an investment position in gold bullion 'a smart goal'

Building a strong investment position in gold bullion is a "smart goal", according to one finance expert.

Jeff Clark, editor of Casey's Gold and Resource Report in Casey's Daily Dispatch, suggests that making an investment in the precious metal can help people to protect their assets against rising inflation and "eventual dollar debasement".

"Not owning enough gold is equivalent to holding a million-dollar mortgage and having a $10,000 life insurance policy. It won't help much when you really need it," he says.

Mr Clark advises that if investors are worried about the position of the dollar or rising inflation then it might be wise to put their money into gold coins, adding that the more gloomy a person's outlook on the state of the global economy, the more they should invest in the precious metal.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Wallace Ng, executive director of derivatives at Fortis Nederland, recently suggested that gold acts as security against periods of financial turmoil.


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